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Why North Korea Wont Give Up Its Nuclear Program


Why North Korea Wont Give Up Its Nuclear Program

There is little doubt that North Korea is a regime led by a paranoid and reckless dictator, but history tells a clear story and shows why North Korea will never voluntarily give up its nuclear program.

While Kim Jong Un may be paranoid and crazy, he is anything but stupid. Kim can clearly see from history what has happened to other regimes and countries when they have voluntarily given up their nuclear program.

Whether it be the downfall of Mommar Gadhafi and Lybia in 2011 or the current United States and Syria conflict. History has shown Kim Jong Un that any country or government that has given up its nuclear weapons or has joined the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, has either been invaded by the United States or has been relentlessly vilified by the US government. Even worse there have been people who have lost their lives and country, such as Saddam Hussein in Iraq, even though it is now clear the country never had weapons of mass destruction.

Following the 2003 invasion of Iraq and the search for non-existent nuclear weapons, Saddam Hussein was captured hiding in a hole and later executed for crimes against humanity and gassing his own people. Gadhafi observing this figured he’d be next in the firing line so decided to voluntarily give up his nuclear weapons program.

After giving up his nuclear program President Bush at the time said Ghadafi had “a secure and respected place” in the community of nations.

Little did Ghadafi know, by doing the right thing and giving up the countries nuclear program, his country would later be bombed, he’d lose power, become a fugitive and later be dragged out from a ditch and butchered to death.

Now Lybia has become an outpost for Islamic terrorists and the states are once again carpet bombing Lybia.

If history has taught future dictators and regime’s anything, it’s if you have an edge through nuclear power, don’t voluntarily give it up.

North Korea has been watching and learning and Kim Jong Un has no doubt that giving up the countries nuclear program and advancements would be a foolish thing to do. After all, the United States did invade North Korea in 1951 and now the regime’s nuclear power and long-range missiles are, in Kim’s eyes, North Korea’s salvation.

For Kim Jong Un to give up North Korea’s Nuclear Program, would in his eyes, be suicide. The arsenal of nukes and long range missiles is what’s keeping North Korea safe from the United States and is the only thing stopping the United States or Japan taking military action to overthrow the regime.

Richard McKeag

Richard is a blogger and social activist. He’s the founder of Free & Fearless and also writes for a local news publication where he lives. Richard, also known as Rickeo is also a digital marketer and has a passion for website design, SEO and internet security.

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