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The Tory Sell Off of Our National Health Service (NHS)

The Great NHS Heist


The Tory Sell Off of Our National Health Service (NHS)

The Great NHS Heist – How The Tories Intend to Sell off our NHS

The NHS is in grave danger whilst under the control of a Tory led government. As more of the NHS is sold off and more departments are put ‘on sale’ for the highest bidder to come in and take control of former NHS run departments, we are now, more than ever at risk of loosing our National Health Service as we know it.

For those who like to keep up to date with the latest political news, it may come as no surprise that more NHS run departments are being let go to companies such as Virgin Care who are nothing more than vultures, making the general public believe that the focus of their venture is quality care rather than profits; regardless of how they wish to paint it, this is nothing short of a ‘sell off’ of our NHS and the beginning of privatisation.

In the year 2000, the NHS was split up into several different foundation trusts thus making it easier for the government to sell off and privatise parts of the national health service.

Since then, several new hospitals have been built with Private Finance Initiative Loans (PFI). These loans, which were first introduced by the Conservative Government led by former prime minister John Major, have done nothing but saddle these new hospitals with debt, borrowing £11 BILLION the tax payer will have to pay back £88 BILLION and still not own the hospitals.

In 2009, under the then prime minister Gordon Brown, legislation was introduced which enabled any hospital straddled in debt to be sold off to other hospitals which were publicly owned and debt free.

That same year, McKinsey (a global management consultancy), released the QIPP report, which detailed and set out the sell off of two thirds of NHS property. The Conservative/Liberal Democrat coalition brought in the HSCA 2012 which was followed by the creation of a private limited company NHS Property Services to which 11% of NHS assets were transferred.

So where does that leave us now? Well we’re in the final phase of the land grab. Earlier this year The Naylor Review was published, this review gives cash strapped hospitals only one option to be able to buy vital equipment for their hospitals (such as MRI machines) and that is through the sale of their hospital owned land, building and assets.

If this wasn’t shocking enough, the government have encouraged hospitals to do this as quickly as they can by offering them £2 for every £1 raised via the sale of land and assets.

We have been told so many times by the current Prime Minister, Theresa May, that our national health service is not for sale. If it were up to here these initiatives and facts would not be public knowledge and she’d much rather they go unreported.

If this wasn’t bad enough the government wants the British tax payer to pay £10 BILLION to help sell of the NHS.

We have already witnessed the sell off of our railways, royal mail and other public utilities. It’s evident that when organisations and companies are privatised likes this, we are left with a sorry state of affairs.

The mainstream media have long been reporting that our NHS is struggling and that it is, but if the powers that be want to push for a privatised NHS, they will not give the tools and resources required to help the NHS get back on its feet. It would be better for them to watch the NHS crash and burn to help promote and easily ‘sell to the public’ the need for privatisation of the NHS.

Let’s not forget what privatisation looks like in the United States. Hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of people are denied medical insurance, denied basic health care, denied medication, glasses and dental treatment, all because they don’t meet the criteria or can’t afford medical insurance. We can not let that happen here in the UK, it’s a very slippery slope once the process starts.

If you haven’t already I highly recommend watching The Great NHS Heist Documentary. It details the planned sell off of our NHS in great detail.





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