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Theresa May’s Father, Reverend Hubert Brasier, was born on 20th August 1917 at 61 Clonmore Street, Wandsworth, London.

On the surface, Hubert had a pretty normal and average life. Growing up and living through World War 2 obviously came with its difficulties, from what we do know about Hubert, he led a normal life and there doesn’t appear to be any controversy linked to his name. The most obvious and key point is that he was the father of the 2nd Female, British Prime minister, Theresa May.

Due to this fact, it goes without saying that people will want to look up the history of Theresa May, in particular, her upbringing and parents. What is odd, is that Hubert Braiser did have a Wikipedia page detailing his life, his achievements and his background. When Theresa May became prime minister, the Wikipedia page was edited and eventually taken down.

This has obviously raised some eyebrows, it’s clear to see that Mrs May is trying to hide or conceal something about her Father’s past. While the Wikipedia page for her father no longer exists and now points directly to her own Wikipedia Page, anyone can view the old wiki page for Hubert Braiser by using the internet archive ‘Way Back Machine’. Using this tool you can see Hubert Braiser’s old Wikipedia Page here.

For reference, the old Wikipedia page for Hubert Braiser was as follows:

For anyone who wants to read an in-depth overview of Hubert Braiser’s life, I’d highly recommend reading this article published by Johnny Vedmore on The Swamp.

Some key points to take away is that Hubert Braiser worked for the Community of the Resurrection Seminary School in Mirfield, West Yorkshire This school would become well known and associated with the systematic sexual abuse of children by the Italian Verona brothers, who were rampant sex offenders in the 1960’s and 1970’s

In 1953, Hubert became the Chaplain All Saints at Eastbourne Hospital in Sussex. It was here that he crossed paths with the notorious serial killer Dr John Bodkin Adams. Dr Adams was the Harold Shipman of his day, he had his elderly patients put him in their wills and would then ‘bump them off’ by giving them an injection and then state of their death certificates that they died of natural causes.

Over 165 deaths have been associated with Dr John Bodkin Adams, his murderous rampage did not go un-noticed, many nurses did speak out and report the doctor to their superiors; however, due to the NHS being newly founded and in its infancy, officials thought that a scandal like this could cause the collapse of the NHS, as such Dr Adams was able to avoid justice for some time.

Dr Bodkin Adams just couldn’t stop himself, he carried on murdering his patients and was protected by Lord Gwynne who was believed to be his secret gay lover and was a very well connected politician.

Hubert is linked to Bodkin as he worked in the same hospital and would have given ‘last rights’ to many of Bodkin’s patients. Some have even speculated that Bodkin may have confessed his crimes to Hubert, as when he was quizzed about stealing from old women he said: ” ‘I have made my peace with God over that’.

In 1957 Dr John Bodkin Adams was charged and prosecuted for his crimes, he was acquitted of murder, which many have claimed was a clear and obvious cover-up. In the end Bodkin was convicted of 8 counts of forging a prescription, 4 counts of making false statements on cremation forms, and 3 offences under the Dangerous Drugs Act.

He was struck off and not allowed to practice medicine, however, in 1961, once the dust was settled, the NHS reinstated the doctor and allowed him to carry on practising medicine.

As chaplain of Eastbourne Hospital Hubert was under the Chichester Diocese of the Church of England. This diocese had some of the worst reports of child sex abuse from the 1960s until the early 1990’s. Many priests were outed as sex offenders who had for many years abused children under the nose of their own congregation.

On the surface it appears there isn’t much to see when it comes to Hubert Braiser, maybe there isn’t much to see; however, it does raise suspicion when Mr Braiser was so close to a prolific serial killer and associated to a diocese caught up in a child sex abuse scandal. It is no doubt that many of Mr Braisers associates and colleagues would have been directly involved or had a part to play in the scandal and its cover-up.

It’s also clear that Theresa May does not want the general public looking into her father’s background. There has been a clear attempt to erase Hubert Braiser’s historical portfolio from the internet.

Since Theresa May has put together the inquiry to investigate child sexual abuse, especially abuse at the hands of priests, it has raised some eyebrows that she is attempting to conceal her father’s background.

The inquiry that was set up was a farce in itself, May appointed Baroness Butler-Sloss to oversee the inquiry, 6 days later she was forced to step down from the position; as it came to light that her brother was Attorney General at the time a lot of the abuse was alleged to have taken place. As a replacement, Theresa May appointed Fiona Woolf to chair the inquiry, however, Mrs Woolf had to stand down when it became apparent that she used to live very close to Leon Brittan, an MP who was accused of sexually abusing young boys.

It appears that Mrs May is either incompetent or is clearly trying to sabotage the whole inquiry. If it is the latter, that draws several questions and concerns as to why she is attempting to erase her father’s history from the internet.


This article would not have been possible without the help of Johnny Vedmore. His article, published on The Swamp, helped build the foundation for this article.

Rickeo is a freelance journalist & digital marketer. He has an avid interest in technology, ufology, aliens, spirituality as well as a wide range of other topics.



  1. KEVIN

    22/09/2017 at 04:35


  2. Phil Williams

    22/07/2018 at 19:23

    To the moderator who keeps removing my comments: will you spend five minutes doing yourself and this site a favour?

    Simply google ‘Verona Fathers Mirfield’ and ‘Community of the Resurrection Mirfield’.

    Contrary to what is written in this article, the Verona Fathers were Roman Catholic and ran a school for boys; the Community of the Resurrection was/is a Church of England community who still run a theological college training adults for the ordained ministry. There is/was no connection between them beyond the fact that they were both in Mirfield.

    Brasier was not ’employed’ there by the Community of the Resurrection, he was trained there for the priesthood.

    There is/was no such place as ‘the Community of the Resurrection Seminary School’; and to publish the suggestion that the illegal and abusive practices of the Verona Fathers were actually committed by members of the Community of the Resurrection . . . well, I would have thought that that was actionable, wouldn’t you?

    But don’t just take my word for it – take a look for yourself.

  3. Phil Williams

    23/07/2018 at 17:33

    I should add: I know the Community of the Resurrection, but I do not have any authority to speak or act on their behalf; so my comment suggesting that the original article was libellous was just a comment, not a threat!

  4. Paul Needham

    23/09/2018 at 18:18

    This is the 1st I’ve heard of all this, most unfortunately it all makes for very credible reading. Well done on attempting to bring it into the light, just a great shame none of it will ever hit more mainstream media, where it belongs.

    • Phil Williams

      28/09/2018 at 19:42

      A huge edifice built on the shakiest of foundations. I must say that I prefer my conspiracy theories to have a bit more research behind them and a more facts than simple untruths!

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