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In 2011, Infowars leaked a memo from those responsible for heading up the Planned Parenthood campaign in the United States. They followed up the leak with this video.

Here is the document in question:

Now, many of our readers will know that Free & Fearless is a UK publication. While we cover world politics and global issues, our publication is based in the UK and our aim and goal will always be to cover news from a UK perspective.

The United States and the United Kingdom have long had a close relationship, you can almost guarantee that what one does, the other will shortly follow.

The reason this document is so important is that we can already see some of the suggested changes, within this document, already playing out in British politics.

There is a clear agenda to bring down the population of the world, a lot of governments do this through what is called ‘Planned Parenthood’.

Many people often think of China as the country that limits the number of children their citizens can have. China formally had an infamous 1 child policy, while that has been relaxed now to a 2 child policy, many will be surprised to know that the United Kingdom and the British government have followed in China’s footsteps.

Britain’s Two-Child Policy 

This year the government rolled out a less aggressive two-child policy. Sneaked in under the Tory government, this policy was introduced in such a way that it almost flew under the radar.

This two child policy doesn’t strictly stop people from having more than two children, as mentioned in the document above, the British government put into place legislation, to stop parent(s) claiming any additional benefits after their second child. So while parents could choose to have more than two children, they would be penalised by the state for doing so, especially if they needed to claim benefits.

Some have gone as far to suggest that this policy is even worse than the one imposed by the Chinese. While in China, for the most part, citizens are treated equally under the law, rich or poor you are only allowed, two children, in Britain the policy is clearly targeting those who are living in poverty or on a lower income.

While the Tory government would have you believe this is to reduce our welfare spending, it is clear from the above document that this is an attempt to discourage people (especially from the lower classes in our society) from having more children.

Encouraging Homosexuality 

The document also talks about encouraging homosexuality. I think it goes without saying that the LGBT community has come heaps and bounds over the past few decades.

It is becoming ever more accepted to be gay in western society, and so it should, we should never put a limit on love and a government should never involve itself in controlling the private sexual lives of its citizens.

The issue isn’t about gay people, it’s about homosexuality being pushed upon and taught to children from an ever younger age. The media seems to publish every other week, about a toddler who has ‘gender dysphoria’ or about children who are being brought up ‘gender fluid/neutral’. While pushing for a more open and tolerant society is always a good thing, is there not a danger of society going too far?

Whatever your opinion, it is clear that those responsible for planned parenthood know that homosexuality is key to reducing the number of our population.

Depopulation & Brexit

The importance of this article and document, ties into the recent political situation in the UK, specifically Brexit.

The government have the perfect opportunity on what laws, regulations and legislation they wish to keep and scrap.

The planned parenthood document above suggests limiting child care for working mothers, limiting maternity leave, cutting working benefits for people with more than two children.

If there was ever a more suitable time to introduce these policies and bring them into legislation, it would be now. While the European Union has its many faults, it did give us a certain level and layer or protection. With that gone, the Tory government have free reign over the likes of workers rights.

We have already seen many of the suggestions in this leaked ‘planned parenthood’ document, come to fruition, with the uncertainty of Brexit looming over the British people, it would not be unreasonable to think that many of the other suggestions within the document; may come into play going forward.

There are already estimated to be 7.5 billion people on this planet there doesn’t appear to be any signs of that slowing down. It goes without saying that population growth is an issue that must be discussed and tackled by every government. It is a pressing issue that affects us all.

One thing that will never be OK or acceptable, is the government doing this in secret or not being entirely truthful or honest about their intentions. It is clear that there is a depopulation plan in place by the British government and other major governments around the world. Just take a look at the increase in cancer rates in the past century and the reported drastic decrease of fertility in men.

Our food, water and everyday products are being pumped with toxic chemicals and people are getting more and sicker. This isn’t a conspiracy, it’s a well-known fact and all the evidence is there in front of our eyes. Sadly, most people will choose to turn the other way and not face reality as the truth is often difficult to swallow. Just look at the Georgia Guidestones if you need any more proof that there is a government agenda to depopulate the world.

It is time that we stood up and let our governments know that this is not OK, nothing can justify something of this scale being done in secret or under the guise of ‘planned parenthood’.

Yes, the population is an issue, yes, something has to be done about it BUT this should be tackled via better education, discussion and a democratic decision with the citizens of the world. Not behind closed doors by people who have the interests of the 1% at heart.


Let us know your thoughts and feelings about this article and the issue of depopulation in the comments section below.

Rickeo is a freelance journalist & digital marketer. He has an avid interest in technology, ufology, aliens, spirituality as well as a wide range of other topics.

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