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Princess Diana was Britain’s angel, the much love princess was adored by many across the UK. Even the most hardened republican couldn’t help but warm to Diana.

It is fast approaching the 20th Anniversary of the Princess’ death. We have been fed a false narrative by the government that this was a tragic accident, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Let’s take a step back and look at the events that unfolded that awful night on the 31st August 1997.

On that dreadful night, Diana had been relaxing and enjoying a nice dinner at the Hôtel Ritz in Paris with Dodi Al-Fayed. Paparazzi had been eagerly awaiting outside for hours to capture a glimpse of Princess Diana and Dodi together.

In charge of the personal security and protection of Dodi and Diana that night was Henri Paul.

Henri Paul decided to put together a plan, to fool the paparazzi and get Dodi and Diana out of the hotel discretely. Henri Paul kept reporting to the front of the hotel, telling paparazzi that the princess and Dodi would be out any moment. All the while plotting to sneak Dodi and the Princess out back without the Paparazzi seeing.

Some of the Paparazzi members were wise to what Henri Paul was doing and decided to wait around the back of the hotel, suspecting that they were being duped. They were right. Henri Paul managed to sneak Diana and Dodi out the back of the hotel into a waiting Mercedes car.

We are then told, paparazzi pursued the Mercedes car and Henri Paul drove at high-speed to escape the pursuing paparazzi.

What happened next changed history forever, as the car entered the Pont de l’Alma tunnel events unfolded resulting in the Mercedes car crashing into the 13th column of the tunnel.

Princess Diana died later that evening.

Here are our Top 10 reasons why we believe the British intelligence services killed Diana.

1. The CCTV Cameras

That night, leading up to the event, all CCTV cameras on route to Pont de l’Alma tunnel were either turned off or malfunctioning. It was near impossible to capture any footage of the high-speed chased between the Mercedes and paparazzi.

The route the Mercedes car took passed 17 CCTV cameras, none of those cameras were able to capture any footage. All were reportedly turned off or malfunctioning.

2. Mercedes Car

The Mercedes car used to transport Diana and Dodi that night had been swapped at last-minute. Dodi and Diana had been using a Mercedes car all day to transport them around Paris. They also had a backup car, which was common practice to ensure the safety and security of a high-profile VIP.

At last minute the decision was made to swap the Mercedes car they were to drive in and a decision was made not to have a backup car. The reason for this still remains unexplained, though some people have suggested that it is because the Mercedes car used that night had been tampered with.

As we will see later on Diana feared she would be killed in a staged car accident so she was well-known for always wearing a seatbelt, however, on the night in question Diana and all other passengers, were not wearing a seatbelt, leading some to speculate that the car had been tampered with and the seatbelts deliberately jammed.

Mercedes offered to take a look at the car and see what went wrong and to conduct an independent review into the car. All requests to look at the car were denied and Mercedes were never allowed to conduct their own investigation.

3. The White Fiat Uno

Eye witness reports that night state that a white Fiat Uno was seen pursuing the Mercedes Henri Paul was driving. A white flash was seen coming from the tunnel moments before the Mercedes crashed and the white Fiat Uno was seen leaving the tunnel at high speed.

To this day official authorities have been unable to track down the white Fiat Uno. However, Dodi Al-Fayed’s father Mohamed Al-Fayed hired a private investigator to look into his sons and princess Diana’s death. The private investigators were reported to have tracked down the white Fiat Uno to a garage in Paris and were able to match the car to the crime scene after paint damage matched that found on the Mercedes car. It appeared that the white Fiat Uno had hit the Mercedes.

The Fiat Uno belonged to a man called James Anderson, which leads us directly to point number four.

4. James Anderson

James Anderson was a paparazzi photographer, who was reportedly on the payroll of MI6 and often conducted freelance work for them.

James Anderson was in Paris at the time of the crash, he initially tried to deny that he was in Paris on the night Diana was murdered but it was later found that he decided to board a flight to Corsica from Paris just 3 hours after the crash. This proved without a doubt that Anderson was indeed in Paris on the night of the crash.

He has also told a friend that he had been there on the night of the accident.

James Anderson was found dead two years after the death of Diana. The fireman who found James’ body, claimed that he had two gunshot wounds to the back of his head. His body was burnt so badly he had to be identified via dental records. His death was ruled a suicide.

Despite the gunshot wounds pointing towards an assassination/murder his death was ruled a suicide.

5. Henri Paul

Henri Paul was the driver that night and head of security for Diana and Dodi.

Richard Tomlinson a former MI6 intelligence officer, reported that Henri Paul was also an MI6 asset, on the payroll of British and French intelligence services.

Leading up to his death Henri Paul’s bank accounts were deposited with a number of large, suspicious transactions.

Many believe Henri Paul was a patsy, complicit in working with MI6 to get Diana to a certain place at a certain time but kept in the dark as to the whole plot as it obviously included his own death.

Some would say the evidence for this is the fact Paul chose to take a much longer route back to Dodi’s apartment, something many in close protection and security says should never have happened. Combine this with the fact all cameras were not working on the supposed ‘spare of the moment route’ Henri Paul decided to take, this would suggest this alternate route was planned in advance.

Henri Paul would be blamed for the crash and the death of Diana. The official reports stated that Henri Paul was three times over the drink driving limit, despite CCTV footage of Paul totally contradicting this.

The official investigation into this called into question the blood results, stating that there were over 58 errors with the result. The lady responsible for conducting the autopsy on Henri Paul’s body was pathologist Dr Dominique Lecomte. Professor Lecomte is notorious in France for being a pathologist who has helped cover up medical evidence that is likely to embarrass the state.

It was also suggested at the inquest into Diana’s death, that the blood from the results could not have come from Henri Pauls body as they contained lethal levels of carbon monoxide.

In 2006 a team of scientists offered to conduct DNA testing on the blood samples to determine whether or not they did indeed belong to Henri Paul. The French government responded to the scientists, telling them that any testing on the bloods would be impossible as they no longer exist.

6. Getting Out of The Tunnel

It took 81 minutes to get Diana out of that tunnel. This is despite a medical professional on site stating that Diana was conscious. Eyewitnesses reported that the side of the car Diana was on, remained mostly undamaged.

It is unclear why it took so long for staff to get Diana out of the tunnel and en-route to hospital. There would have been no need for specialist equipment to get her out of the car and some have argued that had she been en-route to the hospital much sooner, her life may have been saved.

7. The Ambulance Journey

The ambulance was said to have travelled at a snail’s pace and was in no rush to get to the hospital. The ambulance passed 4 hospitals on its journey, though the ambulance crew (for whatever reason) decided not to stop at any of these hospitals, further delaying potentially life-saving treatment.

Before arriving at the hospital of choice, the ambulance stopped for over 10 minutes, 800 yards away from the hospital’s entrance, to carry out “delicate operations”. This alone calls into question the overall case, as it’s clear many opportunities were missed to save Princess Diana’s life.

8. The Cleaning of The Tunnel

Mere hours after Diana had passed away, the tunnel was cleaned by industrial cleaners. The walls, floors and road were sprayed with detergent throughout the whole of the tunnel.

This is clearly not the way to preserve forensic evidence, many people have questioned the decision to clean and reopen the tunnel in such away, after the death of a high profile VIP.

9. Threatening Phone Calls

In the controversial documentary Unlawful Killing, Simone Simmonds, a longtime friend and associate of Diana’s, spoke of being with the former royal when she received a phone call from a “high ranking UK government official” concerning her ongoing campaign for the banning of landmines. According to Simmonds, when Diana passed her the phone so she could hear what was being said, she heard a gentleman say, “Don’t meddle in things you know nothing about because you know accidents can happen.” Simmonds told this version of events during the inquiry into Diana’s death.

Diana very much took this as a genuine threat and already feared that British Intelligence was listening to her phone calls. Incidentally, it was revealed years after her death that even such agencies as the NSA had thousands of transcripts of her phone calls during this time. They refused to release them, however, for reasons of security.

10. Diana Had Predicted Her Own Death

Princess Diana had written letters to her two close friends, her butler Paul Burrell and her solicitor Lord Mitchum. Within these letters, Diana expressed her concern that the royal family her her husband were planning her death. She had also specifically stated that her death would be the result of a car accident.

While Burrell went public with his letter and paraded it in the press for all to see, Lord Mitchum passed his letter over to the serving police chief at the time, Lord Condon. Condon withheld the letter from public knowledge, as did his successor, Lord Stevens, for several years—even though it is illegal to withhold evidence in investigations. Despite this, no action was taken against either former police chief, which served to raise an eyebrow or two.

In her Panorama interview, Diana had stated that when she fell in love with Barry Mannakee, her bodyguard who died in a car accident, Diana had stated that Prince Charles had made a comment about the death of Mannakee while smiling and suggested that it’d be a shame for anything like that to happen to her.

In Conclusion

There is a lot of legitimate concerns over the death of Diana. There is no clear answer as to why she was murdered, we can only speculate, whether it was because she was pregnant, had become a thorn in the Royals side or because she was backing the campaign to have landmines abolished. One thing that is almost certain, is that evidence suggests Diana was murdered and this was not some tragic accident; as the government would want you to believe.


Rickeo is a freelance journalist & digital marketer. He has an avid interest in technology, ufology, aliens, spirituality as well as a wide range of other topics.

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