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Why Prince Charles Should Never Become King

Prince Charles


Why Prince Charles Should Never Become King

Queen Elizabeth has reigned over the people the people of the United Kingdom since 6 February 1952; at 91 years of age, the discussion has already started to rise of her successor her eldest son Prince Charles. 

The royal family is working tirelessly to stay in the public eye and keep public opinion of the royal family favorable. Millions of people tuned into a recent ITV documentary yesterday where Prince William and Harry discussed their late mother’s legacy. Many people were touched by the scenes that were aired with many people reaching out via social media with deep sympathies for the young royals.

While it may seem like this documentary was simply to document the late Princess’ life and her legacy 20 years on, the documentaries intentions go deeper than that. It’s a carefully choreographed production and one of many recent media appearances, to keep the Royals in the public eye and sway the public opinion in their favor.

Public opinion about Prince Charles has always been somewhat poor, this is no secret to the royal family and it’s one of the many reasons he is kept out of the limelight and focus is shifted onto his sons, who the Royals know, are much more relatable to the public. The longer Prince Charles stays out of the limelight, the more likely public opinion of him is to improve, especially since the public seems to think so highly of his sons.

The Royals are desperate for us to forget about the 2015 release of Prince Charles’ letters to former MPs and Prime Ministers dubbed the black spider memos after his poor handwriting.

The Royals and Prince Charles himself would have you think that he is politically impartial and don’t want public attention to be brought upon his previous writings and personal letters. The truth is Charles is anything but politically impartial, the writings that we have access to, which can be viewed in their entirety on The Guardian’s website, show just how active of a role the Prince played in politics, lobbying ministers and former Prime Minister Tony Blair on a wide range of issues, and these are just a few of his writings that have been made public. The Prince has a long history of lobbying ministers and meddling in politics and has an archive of correspondence and writings that have gone unpublished to the public eye.

The truth is, any monarch that reigns over their people should remain politically impartial. It’s vital to have a successful democracy in the UK. Whether the Prince will be able to remain impartial and stop meddling in UK politics when he becomes king, is yet to be seen but is still irrelevant to the point I am trying to make. There is no doubt the Prince of Wales knows that once he becomes King he will have to make every effort to appear politically neutral to the public, however, let’s not forget that the monarch has weekly meetings with the Prime Minister that go unrecorded and the discussions of each meeting are not made public.Looking at the prior history of Prince Charles and his constant meddling in politics, it would be a dangerous notion for the British people to allow him to succeed his mother.

The truth is the royal family is dated, no matter the way you look at it a monarchy has no place in a modern day democracy. The Royals want the public to desperately like them, they do not want to give up their luxurious lifestyle and would much rather continue to ride the gravy train, they are desperate to keep the public believing in many myths about the royal family; such as that they bring in tons of revenue for the British economy or that the royal family has no real power and is just for ‘show’.

The reality is very different, both the Queen and Prince Charles have a history of meddling in British politics and both have used royal privilege to get their own way, whether it be using their royal veto or amending bills before they reach Parliament, they Royals have far more power and influence than the public realise.

Republic is a not for profit that is campaigning for a democratic alternative to the monarchy. The work they do is amazing and the Royal family would much rather you didn’t know about them and there’s been a clear effort to try and keep their campaign out of the mainstream press. Republic does a fantastic job at dismissing the ‘bogus myths’ surrounding the royal family and make an effort to show that the public perception of the Royals is based on a lot of misinformation.

The subject is of great importance, many know that fighting for a republic now would be a losing battle as the British public, for the most part, have a soft spot for Queen Elizabeth. Don’t think for a second though that there isn’t a deep fight within the establishment that is the royal family, to ensure public opinion remains on side, so that when the Queen does pass on their is little resistance to her successor.

This is why it’s important for the public to raise awareness of Republic and their campaign to overthrow the monarchy on the death of Queen Elizabeth and prevent Prince Charles from ever becoming King Charles.

EDIT: Due to much debate on social media via this topic, I think I need to clarify my position. Charles is next in line to the throne, it is VERY unlikely he will abdicate and give the position to William, however, this is not the point of the article. The point is that unelected officials should not have control or power over British politics. Regardless of who inherits the throne, they should be overthrown and the monarchy abolished, that is the point of the article.

I highlight Prince Charles simply because he is known for meddling in politics and there’s evidence in his memo’s to the effect. The same can be said about many of the other Royals as well, Prince Andrew had known connections to a convicted pedophile and had a young woman come forward and say she was groomed for Prince Andrew and sexually abused by him. Due to his ties he could not be prosecuted and a media blackout followed. This would not happen if it were any ordinary person and is a testament to how damaging the royals are, how much power they have and why the monarchy should be abolished.


Rickeo is a freelance journalist & digital marketer. He has an avid interest in technology, ufology, aliens, spirituality as well as a wide range of other topics.

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