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Back in August of this year, I published a video to YouTube titled ‘Prince Andrew is a Paedophile Here’s Why’. That video can be seen in its entirety above. It’s a good job that I uploaded this video to multiple sources and kept because, as I would find out today when I logged onto YouTube, the video was flagged to the YouTube team who then proceeded to remove it from their platform claiming the video fell under the category of ‘bullying and harassment’.

Within the video, I pointed out Prince Andrew’s ties with convicted registered sex offender Jefferey Epstein. Epstein is well known for is sex-fueled parties, where he would pay underage girls to come and entertain him and his guests with massages and sexual favours. He’s a well-known sex predator and has ties to VIP’s, celebrities and politicians around the world.

The video specifically outlined the case of Virginia Roberts a young woman who claims she was groomed by Epstein and paid to have sex with Prince Andrew when she was just a teenager.

It’s an allegation Prince Andrew had great difficulty denying since the pair are pictured together looking rather “friendly” here:

Virginia Roberts decided to take legal action in America, you may be forgiven if you haven’t heard of this case (especially if you’re in the UK) as it’s been widely underreported by the mainstream media since it’s been, undoubtedly, a huge embarrassment to the royal family.

While the case caused a huge outcry in the press and caused a massive crisis at Buckingham Palace, it has since become a ‘none news story’ as a judge in America ordered that Virginia Roberts claims be taken off the record as they were deemed unreliable.

Some people have argued that Prince Andrew is not a paedophile as Virginia Roberts was seventeen at the time she claims she slept with Andrew. Granted, it may not fit your personal definition of what a paedophile is, however, given his role in the public eye and the fact that he is a close friend of Epstein who is a known paedophile, I have my own personal doubts when I hear people claim ‘he’s not a paedophile’.

Keep in mind this is the only case we ‘know’ about and it’s unlikely Andrew is a stranger to Epstein’s famous parties, we only have to look at the people the royals keep company with, such as: Savile, Rolf Harris, Epstein etc, to cause a few eyebrows to be raised.

It’s rather funny that this video was flagged to them, I have a mere 80 subscribers on my YouTube Channel and the vast majority of people who watch my content are apart of the alternative news/media community, as such it’s unlikely it was reported by a viewer. Even if it were, it’s more unlikely that one viewer alone could have the video removed or taken down.

While some may argue that I’m being over paranoid it’s no secret or conspiracy that the UK Royal Family have a PR team that are hired to constantly pump out positive propaganda about the royals and ensure they are portrayed in a positive light. On the flip side, they are also hired to ensure any negative media coverage, like the Virigina Roberts scandal, is kept to a minimum or even completely stampped out if possible.

A few months after starting Free & Fearless, especially when I started covering VIP paedophilia, calling out MPs, royals and celebrities, strange things started to happen in my life. We have noticed that our mail appears to be tampered with, I do have a PO BOX address where people can send things into me and those items are then forwarded to my home address. Ever since I received a freemason directory/phonebook in the post, that was leaked to me by a reader, I have noticed funny things happening with my mail.

We were sent some plain paper, which we hadn’t ordered and had an entirely different address on which was then crossed out with my address put on.

If that wasn’t strange enough I’ve had countless letters sent to me by the hospital, DWP and my credit card company, that simply haven’t turned up to my address.

I had to re-order my credit card four separate times because it just never arrived.

Prior to this, we haven’t had any issues with our post, other things would come but certain things were missing. It’s very strange and while I can’t entirely rule out the possibility that it’s a genuine mistake with the mailman or at the sorting office, it would appear very unlikely.

I guess what I’m saying is I want to go on the record that I am a little worried and possibly a little ‘paranoid’, I’m trying to keep a level head but this website and blog covers very sensitive topics and is calling out some very powerful people. The strange occurrences happening in my personal life have even got my partner worried about my safety, so while I’m likely just being over worried, I’d ask my readers that if anything were to happen to me, please look into it.

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Free & Fearless is an alternative news website promoting strong, independent and fearless journalism. Covering stories that go under on non reported by the mainstream media, we aim to be the online publication run by and for the people.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Brian

    17/11/2017 at 22:36

    You are now a TI (targeted individual). Welcome to the ‘club’. Have you been followed and crowd stalked yet. Remember what is behind this (NWO/Illuminati) Mi5 run the local Police and ALL services including the Post Office.

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Free & Fearless is an alternative news website promoting strong, independent and fearless journalism. Covering stories that go under on non reported by the mainstream media, we aim to be the online publication run by and for the people.






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