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Former Tory Cabinet Minister Caught in a Child Sex Abuse Video

VHS Tape


Former Tory Cabinet Minister Caught in a Child Sex Abuse Video

An ex-cabinet minister of the Tory party has been caught in a child sex abuse video that was seized by a customs officer.

Former customs and excise bosses are accused of trying to silence a former customs officer who seized a potentially politically-explosive video.

Exaro a former independent investigative journalism publication, reported in 2014 about a customs and seizure case from 1982 where a customs officer seized a video that contained child pornography and child abuse.

The former customs officer who seized this VHS tape was called Maganlal Solanki. Former customs officers are said to have tried to stop Solanki from talking about the child sex abuse tape, which is alleged to show horrific and graphic video footage of child abuse in front of a former conservative cabinet minister.

The video which was first seized in 1982 at Dover’s Eastern Car Terminal, was seized from a businessman named Russel Tricker along with other child pornography. Customs officers held and questioned Mr Tricker for over two hours. Russel Tricker told customs officials that he didn’t know what was contained in any of the materials that were seized which he states were all in sealed packages.

Senior managers were then called in from Customs and Excise, a department that later merged with Inland Revenue and became HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC), to take over the case. The senior managers decided not to take any further action against Russel Tricker and released him. The VHS tape was said to have been handed to the Security Service (MI5), to this day nobody has ever been prosecuted in relation to the seized material.

Maganlal Solanki is reported to have told friends that a former conservative cabinet minister is clearly seen on the child sex abuse video. The retired customs officer is positive that the person he has seen on the tape was a former cabinet minister, but is so scared about the sensitive nature of the tape and his senior bosses attempts to suppress discussion about the tape, that he refuses to talk in depth about the content of the VHS and will not disclose what role the former Tory minister played in the VHS tape or what he was doing exactly.

While Mr Solanki has expressed his desire to release more information and talk about the tape and its content, he has stated that this is impossible as he has effectively been gagged by his former employers who have warned him that he must not talk about the video. His former employers have reminded him that he is subject to the Official Secrets Act which Free & Fearless reported, that in 2015 295 MPs voted against giving whistleblowers protection under the Official Secrets Act.

One friend recounted how Solanki, after identifying the ex-minister in the video, said:

“I cannot tell you more than that because I am bound by my official secrets, and there is nothing that I can do. I am not supposed to say anything about it, I am really very upset about this because I cannot tell you. I cannot do anything. I cannot.”

The Metropolitan Police Service pedophile unit is said to be unaware of the existence of this video but we can reveal that the former minister was being investigated under ‘Operation Fernbridge’ (formerly Operation Fairbank), over separate and unrelated child sex abuse allegations. It is reported that the Operation Fernbridge team were investigating Mr Brittan after a separate video was seized that is alleged to place the former Tory minister at sex parties, where men, sexually abused boys decades ago.

Free and Fearless can now reveal that the former cabinet minister in question is Mr Leon Brittan. We have decided to release Mr Brittan’s name as he is now deceased and releasing this information will no longer have an effect on current or future investigations. There were long standing allegations regarding Mr Brittain related to the Elm Guest House and cases of historic child-sex-abuse.

Operation Fernbridge was reported to have more than 10 former politicians names on a list related to historic child sex abuse with Mr Brittain’s name being one on that list.

Exaro and The Telegraph have both tried to make contact with the former customs officer Maganlal Solanki who is now 79 years of age. Exaro reported that Mr Solanki was too afraid to even open the door and speak to their investigative journalist. During their brief discussion he told Exaro:

“I am bound by all these regulations until I die,” he said through a partially-opened front door.

He also told The Telegraph:

“I don’t want to go over it all. It’s very disturbing for me. I’ve been told not to say anything by my department.”

Free and Fearless have decided not to even attempt to make contact with Mr Solanki, giving his age and the restrictions upon him from the Official Secrets Act, we did not want to cause him any additional distress.

A spokesperson for the HMRC told Exaro that is was unable to trace any records relating to the seized video tape. He added:

“All members of HMRC staff sign the Official Secrets Act. That still applies when you leave the department.”

Exaro did manage to make contact with Tricker, a British national of Ruysdaelkade in Amsterdam Holland, whom the tape was seized from.

The seizure notice from the material confiscated in August of 1982 was addressed to Tricker, notably the address on the notice was the address for a business registered in Mr Tricker’s name called ‘Toff’s Apartments’ which advertised rooms and flats to homosexual guides as holiday lets. The seizure notice also gave a very brief description of the material that was seized, one video cassette was entitled (GB10).

A victim of child sex abuse in Amsterdam who is familiar with the video that was seized has said that it showed boys, some of them “runaways”, who could be “ordered” by pedophile clients.

“This was a tape of British boys who were for sale to clients,” he said.

When Exaro tracked down Mr Tricker, he confirmed that he was stopped by Customs Officials when traveling through Dover as a coach passenger. He still claims that he did not know what was inside the packages. He told the Exaro journalist:

“I have nothing to hide. I was asked to take some brown envelopes to England. They were seized by Customs. I did not know what was inside them.”

Tricker claimed that a business associate had asked him to take the package to the UK and then post it to a UK address. When he was asked whether he was aware that the late Leon Brittan, former cabinet minister, was alleged to have been on the tapes that contained child sex abuse, Mr Tricker stated that as he had already said, many times, that he was unaware of the content on any of the seized items.

“They were just confiscated, and I was allowed to continue my journey. They detained me for two hours,” he said.

Free & Fearless can confirm that Russel Tricker did have a former conviction relating to a child sex abuse offence in 1992 Holland. He was jailed for two and a half years but was released after five months after being cleared on appeal.

Mr Tricker strong denies any allegations that he is a pedophile. Tricker also admitted a link with the notorious British pedophile, Warwick Spinks. Tricker said that he and Spinks “go back a long way.” But wanted to make clear that he had no idea of his sinister side and was unaware that he was a pedophile.

Spinks was jailed in 1995 for a sexual offence against a boy in Hastings, Sussex.

After being released in 1997, Spinks breached his parole conditions and fled to Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. Spinks was re-arrested when he entered the UK in November 2012, but released just months later.

Important Note

Free and Fearless are currently doing an investigation into historic child sex abuse, carried out by current and former MPs and people of significant power in the UK.

If you have any information you’d like to share with us or that could aid in our investigation and articles, please email

Thank You Notes

This article would not have been possible without the help of Exaro and Mark Watts a fantastic investigative journalist and former editor of Exaro. Since Exaro ceasts to exist now, much of the information from here has come from former archives of Matt’s publication. Much of the information released would not be possible were it not for Matt’s work.


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    Border Force [Dover] disclosure August 2017: Video seized from RH Tricker January 1982 sent to Post Seizure Depository in Plymouth.

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