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Former School Governor & Church Warden GUILTY of Sex With Child Sex Doll

David Turner Pedophile


Former School Governor & Church Warden GUILTY of Sex With Child Sex Doll

David Turner a Former School Governor & Church Warden Has Been Found GUILTY of Having Sex With Child Sex Doll.

Convicted pedophile David Turner (72) from Ramsgate, is yet another pervert who has abused his power and trust as a former school governor and church warden and been convicted of having sex with a child sex doll.

David, the former primary school governor, pleased guilty to importing a child sex doll after a judge turned down his application to have the charge dismissed claiming that the child sex doll was not ‘obscene’.

David Turner imported the 3ft 10 inch dolls from China and was arrested after Border Force Officers intercepted the package which Mr Turner claimed was just a mannequin.

After the doll was intercepted at Stansted Airport, Mr Turner’s home was searched by the National Crime Agency (NCA) back in December 2016.  During the search they discovered two additional child sex dolls in his study, along with 34,000 images of child abuse.

After his arrest David Turner resigned as as a school governor of St Ethelbert’s Church Primary School in Margate and from St Ethelbert’s and Gertrude Church where he was a warden.

David’s conviction comes at a time where The Specialist Treatment Organisation for the Prevention of Sexual Offending (StopSO)’s founder, Juliet Grayson is asking for child sex dolls to be prescribed to pedophiles to help treat them and stop them offending and abusing a real child.

Jon Brown, NSPCC Head of Development, said:

“There is no evidence to support the idea that the use of so-called child sex dolls helps potential abusers from committing contact offences against real children. And in fact there is a risk that those using these child sex dolls or realistic props could become desensitised and their behaviour becomes normalised to them, so that they go on to harm children themselves, as is often the case with those who view indecent images.”

It is not the first time someone has been convicted of trying to import a child sex doll from overseas, this case is unique in the fact that David Turner petitioned the judge asking him to dismiss the case on the basis the child sex doll was not ‘obscene’ under British law.

Judge Simon James, sitting at Canterbury Crown Court, denied Mr Turner’s petition, stating that the child sex doll was obscene, at which point David Turner decided to stop defending himself and plead guilty to the charges brought against him.

Turner will return to court on the 8th of September for sentencing.

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Free and Fearless are currently doing an investigation into historic child sex abuse, carried out by current and former MPs and people of significant power in the UK.

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