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The Elm Guest House List

Elm Guest House (Rocks Lane - South West London)


The Elm Guest House List

The Elm Guest House List is a list found in the home of former child protection officer Mary Moss.

Elm Guest House was a place where terrible, terrible things are said to have happened. Everything from child grooming, child sex abuse to murder. It reportedly played host to sex parties that were advertised to a large number of rich and powerful VIPs. These VIPs would attend these alleged sex parties and abuse young boys who were trafficked from local Care Homes to be abused and raped during these perverted parties.

Elm Guest House was on the police radar during ‘Operation Fairbank’ this operation came about after serious allegations of child sex abuse were made by Christopher Fay.

Christopher was the colleague of a lady called Mary Moss, both worked for National Association for Young People in Care (NAYPIC).

Mary Moss was friends with the late Carole Kasir former manager of The Elm Guest House who is said to have managed the place during the time the abuse was going on.

The Elm Guest House List

The Elm Guest House List

Mary Moss gathered information and documents about the guest house at the time because she said she was helping Carole Kasir with a court case relating to her children. Carole passed away in 1990 at the age of 47 at her inquest Mary and Christopher gave evidence and made serious allegations relating to The Elm Guest House, its visitors and child sex abuse that took place there.

Christopher Fay claimed at the inquest to have seen photographs of prominent people, including former Conservative cabinet minister Leon Brittan, in compromising positions with boys.

The police decided to carry out a raid on Mary’s flat near King’s Cross station in North London. Dozens of her documents  and dossiers relating to Elm Guest House were seized, luckily before the police could seize it, Mary managed to photograph and upload what has now been called The Elm Guest House List, which mentions several prominent British figures who were said to have frequented the guest house for sex parties with young boys.

Here are some of the people mentioned in The Elm Guest House VIP List:

Anthony Blunt Royal Connections, MI5, Russian Spy
Harvey Proctor Monday Club & Convicted Paedophile
Sir Peter Bottomley Worthing MP and Monday Club
Charles Irving Conservative MP for Cheltenham
Leon Brittan Conservative MP & Cabinet Minister
Peter Brooke Conservative MP & Life Peer
John Rowe Conservative MP & MI5
Cyril Smith Liberal MP
Ron Brown Labour MP
Colin Jordan Politician and Author
George Tremlett Former GLC Leader
Peter Campbell Monday Club Tory MP
Gary Walker Sinn Fein Member
Cliff Richard aka ‘Kitty’ at Elm Guest House Popstar
Jess Conrad Popstar
Ron Wells aka ‘Gladys’ at Elm Guest House Popstar
Richard Miles Monday Club
Chris Denning BBC DJ & Convicted Pedophile
R Langley Buckingham Palace Equerry
Terry Dwyer Unknown?
Patrick Puddles Unknown?
Louis Minster Head of Richmond Social Services
Colin Peters QC & Convicted Pedophile
Steve Everett Senior Westminster Social Worker
Ray Wire So Called Expert on Paedophile Therapy
Peter Glencross Monday Club Editor
Guy Hamilton Blackwell Son of Westland Helicopters Chairman

The following Police Officers and an alleged informant also appear on Mary Moss’s list for some reason:

Colin Peters QC, Police informant and convicted paedophile.
D. Naismith, Chief Constable Wandsworth
DC Chris Carter, CID Richmond
DC David Lines, CID Barnes
DC Ron Thornton, CID Richmond
PC Roderick Smeaton
WPC Sheila McInnes
PC Chris Wicks
WPC Elizabeth Meredith
PC Alan Jones

Free and Fearless can confirm that many of the people that frequented The Elm Guest House often used fake names and aliases. The late Jimmy Saville an infamous, chronic sex abuser and pedophile was alleged to have frequented the house, though his name does not appear on any list.

Free and Fearless have managed to get hold of some of the documents that were seized from Mary’s flat. These documents are unverified and we can not validate the authenticity of these documents, they are the allegedly meant to be some of the documents in question but we advise caution and discretion when viewing these documents.




Free and Fearless would like to remind our readers that the documents and list are allegations that can not be totally verified. We advise caution and ask people to do their own research and reach their own conclusions.

One thing we would like to point out is that this list has been circulating for a long time on alternative news websites, several of the people on this list have since been confirmed to be involved in child-sex-abuse, that is why we have chosen to publish this list as we believe it gives some credibility and authenticity to it.

Important Note

Free and Fearless are currently doing an investigation into historic child sex abuse, carried out by current and former MPs and people of significant power in the UK.

If you have any information you’d like to share with us or that could aid in our investigation and articles, please email


Rickeo is a freelance journalist & digital marketer. He has an avid interest in technology, ufology, aliens, spirituality as well as a wide range of other topics.



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