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Corey Feldman – What’s The Truth?

The whole world has been rocked by the #METOO campaign,  new revelations keep coming to light each and every day with no signs of these revelations slowing down anytime soon.

One of the stars making waves in the #MeToo movement is former child Actor, TV & Movie star Corey Feldman. Feldman has been a long time activist in trying to expose the pedophilia that is plaguing Hollywood, long before the #MeToo movement started, Feldman has been speaking out about the abuse of child stars in Hollywood.

Feldman has claimed that he himself was abused by Hollywood’s elite, when he was a child and that as a result that has left deep-rooted psychological and emotional scars that he is still battling in his adult life.

Whenever the issue of child sex abuse comes up, it always flares up strong emotions in people, there is no doubt that it is a sensitive and emotive subject.

I have no doubt that Corey has witnessed and had to deal with child sex abuse in his past, this article is not here to belittle or berate Corey Feldman and it was a tough decision on whether or not we should publish this article as Corey has been very brave to speak out thus far about his experiences.

The issue is when we find that Corey may not be being entirely truthful and at worst, may be taking advantage of the general public’s emotions when it comes to the topic of child sex abuse and the #METOO movement.

In the past 24 hours Corey had reported that he had been ‘stabbed’ and wounded and had suggested that this attack was possibly done to silence him from speaking out about the abuse he has been through. His tweet says “I was attacked tonight! A man opened my car door and stabbed me with something! Please say prayers for us! Thank God it was only myself and my security in the car when 3 men approached while security was distracted, when a guy pulled up and attacked! I’m OK!”

Corey has been referring to the incident as an ‘attempted murder’. He claimed that the LAPD were investigating this incident as an attempted homicide. Corey has also stated that he has had an increased amount of threats across social media platforms and that he believed these attacks are somewhat related to try to silence him.

It would appear however, that Corey Feldman is not being entirely honest with his version of events or at least has made the attack sound much worse than it actually was.

Officer Luis Garcia of the LAPD has stated that while Mr Feldman had stated that he was attacked and a gentleman lunged at him and made stabbing motions, no lacerations are on Corey Feldman’s abdomen or body.

This has left some people confused and frustrated as Corey had clearly stated on Twitter he had been stabbed but his version of events seem to be at conflict with the statement the police officer dealing with the case has given.

On the same day this happened celebrity leaks and gossip website Crazy Days & Nights released this shocking leak:

Desperate for more funds, this former child/teen actor who was mostly in movies is resorting to cheap publicity stunts to try to raise more money from what he hopes is a gullible public. Those vacations aren’t going to pay for themselves.

Many have speculated that this blog post is relating to Corey Feldman. He certainly fits the bill.

Crazy Days & Nights are known for releasing shocking leaks and information about A List stars and celebrities before the mainstream news. A lot of the details and abusers that have been exposed via the #METOO movement were first exposed on Crazy Days and Nights.

It’s difficult to know whether or not that leak is referring to Feldman, it is almost near impossible to know Feldman’s true intentions. Was this just an attempt at getting more sponsorship money for his Indiegogo Campaign by making out that there was a more severe risk to his personal security than there actually is?

We can only guess, it’s not the first time Corey has changed his version of events or not been upfront with people, just read his Wikipedia Page which talks about his total U TURN on the Michael Jackson case. Feldman at first was to speak out against Michael Jackson in his court case and assist the prosecution in securing a conviction against Jackson for child molestation but now is an avid supporter and defender of Jackson stating that he’s one of the few adult stars that did not abuse him as a child.

Victims of Child Abuse are very brave and as I said, I have no doubt Feldman has been through a lot of abuse and witnessed unspeakable things in the entertainment industry. The issue comes when people start to fabricate information or twist their version of events, it totally undermines anything they have to say in the future and they lose all credibility. That being said, we also have to give the benefit of the doubt that being the victim of these types of crime is a horrific ordeal and the mental health issues and strain that can cause are profound.

Maybe Corey needs to consider starting a not for profit and putting all the indiegogo funds into that and have a board of trustees who review how money is spent. Right now we have all this money going to one person for a personal project and while the cause may be a noble one, I feel these types of concerns and allegations about Feldman’s credibility will not go away so long as he keeps trying to raised heaps of money that is being siphoned into his own back pocket without any oversight on how that money is being spent.


Rickeo is a freelance journalist & digital marketer. He has an avid interest in technology, ufology, aliens, spirituality as well as a wide range of other topics.

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