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The far right, white nationalist, fascist political party, the BNP (British National Party) are secretly operating in rural Devonshire.

The BNP might not be officially dead as of yet, but the party has become almost irrelevant and over the years has declined in popularity. From 563,743 votes in 2010, the party won only 4,642 votes in the general election last year. It has collapsed from 338 councillors to zero and lost both its European Parliament seats to boot. It is fair to say that the group has become fairly insignificant on the British political scene.

With the results of Brexit, many UKIP supporters decided to jump ship. The primary goal of UKIP was to always push for the independence of the United Kingdom, with that goal now achieved, many UKIP members have returned to other political parties, this is evident with the poor performance of UKIP in the 2017 general election. The BNP received very few votes in the 2015 general election, yet doubled their votes in this year’s general election, it isn’t unreasonable to think that this could be due to the decline in the UKIP supporters.

The British National Party has received a lot of backlash over the years for their fascist and far-right extremist views. As such the party has often been forced to go underground and host meetings and conferences in complete secrecy to avoid the attention of both the public and the media.

Free & Fearless have received information, from an anonymous source, that the British National Party are operating secretly in rural Devonshire in the quiet little town of Kenn.

Below you can see a document advertising the meeting of Drake’s Drum Forum, which at first glance would appear to be a quaint rural club, meeting at a country inn, in the village of Kenn, just outside Exeter in Devon.

If the group’s name wasn’t suspect enough, Drake’s Drum Forum, which originates from the tale of Sir Francis Drake.

As the tale goes, when Drake died his body was placed in a lead coffin and given to the sea off Portobello. Whilst on his deathbed he ordered that his drum be taken and hung in Buckland Abbey near Plymouth where it hangs today. He vowed that if England should ever be in danger from a foe and someone were to beat upon the drum he would return again to defend her shores.

Some may say that the choice in name is completely innocent and that may be the case if it wasn’t for this newsletter, published by the Drake’s Drum Forum.

There is little doubt from the content of this newsletter, that Drake’s Drum Forum is indeed a racist group that provides a meeting place and sanctuary for fascists across Devonshire.

To hit the final nail in the coffin, you can see in the below document from the Drake’s Drum Forum 2016 Newsletter, that the group openly admit, in the first paragraph, to being the newsletter for the BNP in the Exeter & District in Devonshire.

It appears as time has gone on, the group has tried to distance or at the very least not open publish, that they have very close ties to the British National Party.

As mentioned above, we can only conclude this is to avoid public, local and media outrage.

Free and Fearless believe that in this day and age fascism should not be accepted in our society. It is clear from some of the content of Drake’s Drum Forum’s newsletters, that they are an inherently racist, extreme and dangerous group. We have no issues with freedom of speech and their right to meet, we do however have an issue with them trying to hide their true motives and intentions.

Free and Fearless believe that any group that has to operate in secrecy, that can not be open and honest about their opinions and intentions, are dangerous. For this reason, we decided to out and expose their attempts to fly under the radar.


Rickeo is a freelance journalist & digital marketer. He has an avid interest in technology, ufology, aliens, spirituality as well as a wide range of other topics.



  1. Donald Teal

    06/04/2018 at 13:21

    It was good to see that a group like the “Drake’s Drum Forum” still exist in this country. It’s articles were very well written, and indicates that these peoples are not “far-right” thugs, but people of high intellect who understand the problems this country is facing as a result of unwanted mass immigration.

    Could you post more of their Newsletters on your website?

    • Free & Fearless

      Free & Fearless

      10/04/2018 at 23:47

      Hi Donald,

      We write up about many different issues, while I’m sensing a hint of sarcasm here, I would like to say that my issue mainly comes from a group that is trying to disguise themselves as something they’re not.

      If people are going to plot and plan politically at least be open and honest about it and clearly outline any political affiliation, that’s true democracy, is it not?

  2. Bill

    06/04/2018 at 19:27

    I guess the reason they are secret is because loony lefties like you are violent. If they are established they obviously are not a problem to anyone. If you would stop free speech I question; who are the fascists here?

    • Free & Fearless

      Free & Fearless

      10/04/2018 at 23:45

      Hi Bill.

      I think you need to read above at Max’s comment. Taking a swing at me personally and making accusations isn’t exactly constructive. I’m not a violent person and don’t resort to violence at all.

      I respect you don’t agree with my political opinions on this matter, you are free of course to submit your own article to the site outlining your opinions on this matter and I will publish it.

      It’d be a boring world if we all had the same beliefs and opinions, I’m all for free speech, what I don’t like is a group pretending to be something they’re not a plotting and planning politically all while under the guise of a non political group.

  3. Max Musson

    07/04/2018 at 22:56

    Richard, the BNP is a legally constituted political party and your so called ‘exposé’ of a group organising unobtrusively in the West Country in preparation for putting up a candidate in the forthcoming local elections is rather demeaning to this website and therefore rather sad.

    You normally adopt a crusading position, smiting and exposing the mighty and the corrupt in high places, but the above article is completely out of character and at variance with your normal output.

    Everyone knows that BNP meetings get attacked by Antifa if they are publicised and therefore the BNP have learned to avoid trouble by meeting unobtrusively and in private. They are planning to put a candidate up in the forthcoming local elections and just in case it hasn’t occurred to you, that’s not what ‘dangerous’ people do. That’s what democrats do.

    Please continue to be ‘free & fearless’ and please do continue to attack and expose those who genuinely present a threat to the British public, but please also don’t cause us, your followers, to lose confidence in your mission by attacking the ‘little guy’ who is also fighting the system. Not necessarily fighting the system in the way you think best, but fighting the system none-the-less.

    Max Musson

    • Free & Fearless

      Free & Fearless

      10/04/2018 at 23:43

      Hi Max,

      Thank for dropping by and leaving a comment, it genuinely is nice to see someone who may hold a different political opinion put forward their views without resorting to insults, which isn’t something I see often.

      Free & Fearless, granted, is more of a left wing publication and this is mainly because at the minute only I write for the publication. It’s open for others to submit their work and if put together well and it’s constructive, I will always publish, whether I agree with what the writer is saying or not. Being the only writer here I can’t help that a lot of the articles reflect my own political beliefs and opinions.

      While I respect that you may disagree with me (and I’m not saying I’m correct and you’re wrong) I do not agree with the BNP, their political aims or their ideology. I find them a very racist group that cross the line of being patriotic and have many times been called out for their blatant racist and fascist ways. My anger within this article came about because the Darke’s Drum Forum were not being open and honest with their intentions and purposes. I’m all for democracy but it seemed to me that this group was trying to disguise themselves as something they’re not.

      I hope you can understand my stance and I’m sorry if I have caused you any offence but each man has to stand up for their own beliefs and ultimately what they believe is right, just like you are, and while I may not agree with you I respect your opinions and beliefs.


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