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As with anything the best place to start is at the beginning, so I’ll start there.

Around two weeks ago I published an article exposing the real identity of Jon Venables, I did this because I strongly believed in my heart and my soul that Venables was evil and posed a very serious and real threat to the general public and children. As naive as my goals may have been, to get the judge to imprison Venables for life for his own protection, I just wanted to make a positive impact and bring justice to where I saw a huge injustice being done towards James Bulgers poor family.

Anyway, I came home yesterday to find that The Guardian had published an article relating to my website.

How do I know the Guardian was talking about my website?

Well, for one my website was the number one on Google search; when people searched for Jon Venables new identity. I had also stated clearly in my article that I knew what I was doing was potentially breaking the law, a day after, I also posted information relating to Maxine Carr.

All these things pointed to it being my website the Guardian was referring to, not to mention that my site kept getting knocked offline due to the overwhelming amount of traffic it was receiving on a daily basis.

Shocked and worried, I decided to reach out to Reddit for support as there is still a very real chance that I can be arrested.

Before I go any further, I feel that it’s important to outline why I started this website. I started it due to suffering abuse myself as a young boy in the care settings, I had never actually received a single penny in donation money towards my website, until today, the aim of Free & Fearless was never to make money but to bring about change as it was something I felt strongly and passionate about.

Anyhow, back to where we were, I decided to reach out to Reddit for help and support in case legal action was taken against me. I never once asked for donations or financial support.

A few people had mentioned on Reddit, that I get out of the country and possibly seek political asylum, I informed those people that even if that were an option I couldn’t afford it as I didn’t have the financial means to do so at this time.

This caused a few armchair warriors to start looking into my background and sending me abuse. While the vast majority of the Reddit community has been lovely and supportive, there are a few who have taken it upon themselves to be abusive and make an already stressful situation worse.

For the purpose of disclosure, I do have other websites. A digital marketing agency, a personal portfolio, a help and support website and a local community newspaper.

I have been off ill and unable to work since 2016. I have been diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis, amongst other issues. Before this, I worked in a care home and I also was self-employed for some time hence my digital marketing website and personal portfolio. This year I’ve designed two websites each for £100, on occasions, I may get the other odd order that gives my income a very insignificant boost. I never knew it was a crime to own other personal projects that aim to generate an income, yet this seems to have bothered some people so much that they have started to look into my background and finances and make assumptions that I am making/earning a lot of money which simply isn’t the case. Regardless, my personal endeavours are totally separate and I must point out that my post on Reddit never initially asked for any financial help or support.

I do not make and have not made any money from my help and support website or my local community newspaper, while I have attempted to make these project generate revenue so I can have a stable income, it has never quite worked out as planned. They are all projects I do out of passion and love in the hope that one day they will generate an income I can live off.

I’m unsure why this is such a crime, however, it appears that some Redditors are offended by this and see my plea for help as an attempt to ‘scam’ the wider community. Again, records will show my original post NEVER asked for any type of financial help or support, I was more concerned at getting the story out their, getting help and support from the alternative media and just getting the community to back me on this issue.

On Reddit, several users asked for a way to donate via CryptoCurrency or asked me to set up a GoFundMe proof 1 proof 2 proof 3 proof 4. These are literally only a few of the messages, there are more, however, the redditors who are making an effort to cause me grief are claiming that only one person asked me to set up a GoFundMe, which you can see is clearly not the case.

In hindsight, it was a terrible idea to set up the GoFundMe, it was never done to make money or scam people. It did exactly what I feard and distracted from what I set out to do in the first place, raise awareness of child abuse, for that reason I deleted my video and GoFundMe campaign and removed the parts asking for donations on Reddit.

Since this has taken place I’ve received all kinds of lovely messages just like this one:

I have also had my social media accounts I set up for my company mass spammed with fake reviews, ratings of 1 star with people claiming I’m trying to scam people and pretend to care about child abuse.

This is just a small fraction of the abuse I’ve received, again the GoFundMe was removed simply because of the negative attention it had received and it instantly became about the money as opposed to stopping child abusers.

It’s clear these type of people aren’t happy, no matter what I do or say, they say 1 person asked me to donate only, I provide proof multiple people did, still not good enough. I take down the GoFundMe and references to any type of donations, still not good enough. I’ve not done one single thing to stop child abuse, says the person who has probably never been victim to abuse themselves.

I apologise sincerely to anybody who may feel they have been pressured into donating, the GoFundMe page received two donations and was placed up at the request of the sheer amount of Reddit posts asking for a way to donate to the work I was doing. In hindsight, I wish I would have just refused all donations and kept it strictly about Venables and the case in the mainstream media.

If anything I’ve always tried to be clear and transparent, I am disheartened that anyone feels I am taking away credit from ‘genuine paedophile researchers’. That was never my intention.

Now, on top of the stress of facing possible prosecution, there are people trying to doxx me and are being all around abusive. This is causing myself and my family a great deal of upset and stress.

I’m an unsure how to proceed, I don’t want vile trolls who are making assumptions about my projects and personal earnings to stop the amazing work done by this website, however, at the same time I do not want to cause offence to the greater community if they feel Free & Fearless is taking financial advantage out of child abuse.

Anybody who has any concerns or would like to talk to me personally feel free to email me via

There is no need to try and ‘catch me out’ I am all for being open and transparent.

I will attempt to keep this post updated as and when I receive more questions and if there are any significant developments as far as legal action is concerned.


It appears the abuse is coming from one guy in particular this reddit user here.

As you can see from his reddit history he appears to be a troll and attracted to child abuse issues.

I received a lovely message filled with all kinds of abuse along with this link:

Note that this doesn’t include the source, presumably typed up by himself and passing it off as genuine, he also has multiple accounts on social media platforms so could even attempt to pass it off as a genuine message someone sent him to try and rebuke this claim from me.

He has multiple accounts on FaceBook and thinks he’s clever by stalking me and sending me abusive messages on just about every website he finds me on.

He also thinks he’s clever spreading my personal details around and making threats like this:

Now I’m sure if a twenty-year-old disabled person had been beaten up, like this ‘Dave’ claims, it’d no doubt be all across the media by now, not to mention Jon Venables doesn’t look like a young twenty-year-old, I find it difficult to believe any youngster could be mistaken as Venables. Let’s not forget nearly the whole of the UK population know he’s behind bars, so the legitimacy of this story stinks.

Let’s not forget that I’m not the only website or source to share Venables picture, I can think of others, one in particular, that received 100,000+ shares. So I’m clearly the least of ‘Dave’s’ problems.

Let’s just imagine for a second that ‘Dave’ was telling the truth, does this mean serial child sex offenders should not be exposed? Am I responsible for the stupid actions of others? The mainstream media post images every single day of sex offenders who are convicted, Venables is an exception to the rule due to the worldwide injunction.

I have my suspicions about ‘Dave’ why would someone endlessly pursue me and try to make my life a living hell? Sure people can disagree with what I’m doing but normal people don’t go out of their way to intentionally sabotage someone’s life and livelihood. It does pose the question why? Is he defending paedophiles? The thought has even crossed my mind that he could be a friend or family member of Venables or Thompson. I admit I could be wrong, but this guy clearly has an obsession and fixation on myself.

I have no secrets, all of my details and information is online, I’ve never tried to hide who I am. I will face the consequences of the law if I break them, even when I published the article of Venables, I never tried to get hide away from the fact I broke the law.

This coward, however, hides behind fake profiles, usernames and accounts. He knows full well that what he is doing is illegal and amounts to harassment, he has to hide behind anonymity simply because he knows full well that he’d be banged to rights if caught.

Little does he know, I have a few tricks of my own up my sleeve.

And the abuse keeps coming from his multiple accounts, it’s blatantly obvious who the coward is.

Anyway, not that cowards like this actually pose a real threat (seeing how he won’t reveal his true identity) since he’s started messaging family members on FaceBook we have decided to contact the police and make a formal complaint. Not that he’ll be tracked down, cowards like this know what they’re doing BUT on the off chance he has slipped up and left his IP somewhere they can take action.

Note that from my original reddit post it’s the same guy leaving multiple comments on different accounts, downvoting me and making the same false claims and accusations.

I won’t be posting any more updates as this guy really isn’t worth the time or energy, he’ll just be getting ignored now as it’s clear he loves attention.


Richard – Free & Fearless Founder

Free & Fearless

Free & Fearless is an online alternative news publication, bringing you honest, alternative and fearless news & journalism from across the UK.



  1. Jake Rogers (TX, USA)

    06/12/2017 at 15:00

    Fuck those dick heads man!! This guy tortured and killed a child, got out and continued participating in sick vile activities that helps contribute and keep the cycle of child abuse going, he shouldnt be free, much less living on a brand new identity and with all the perks of being protected and given a govt. funded life that is better that some law abiding citizens! Keep doing what you can to spread awareness of these sick freaks and hopefully prevent a child from being hurt. What youre doing is no different than keeping the Sex Offender Registry updated with real time identities. GOOD JOB!!!! and you are allowed to have other projects these are the same people that think a president shouldnt be able to own a business so they are obviously missing a couple hundred brain cells.

    • Free & Fearless

      Free & Fearless

      06/12/2017 at 15:03

      Hey Jake,

      I just wanted to personally say thanks for this comment.

      Honestly, it’s people like you that inspire me to keep going, I actually took down the website temporarily just because I was so down. It’s comments like this and the supportive people that push me on.

      Seriously, just taking those few minutes to leave me this message really meant the world to me. Thank you.

      – Richard.

  2. Tom Tinsley

    14/12/2017 at 04:17

    The abuse is only coming from nonces. Stay tall Fearless, these filthy scum look after one another. Our children need more people speaking up and defending them. The filth are in high places and have always got away with their dispicable crimes..
    Keep the great work up.,

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